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Why is the story very inconsistent and discontinuous?

Why is the story very inconsistent and discontinuous?

As to why have been the latest laws and regulations considering when you look at the levels? You need to express them all to the people at the same time, both towards mountaintop or even in new Tabernacle? How come the new statutes given at the these types of independent levels content and oppose one another within the hundreds of particulars? These types of and you will equivalent questions have plagued members for thousands of years, and you can traditional commentators have done their very best to point harmonizing solutions on it.

Describing the problems Playing with Origin Grievance

The reason-important theory of your own structure of the Torah, known as the newest documentary hypothesis, is actually a modern make an effort to respond to these types of questions. It initiate because of the acknowledging one to (1) the fresh new statutes considering into the mountaintop and conveyed immediately for the someone as part of a great covenant (Exodus –), (2) the newest rules given to Moses included in several other covenant when he output to have the the pills inscribed (Exodus –26), (3) brand new guidelines expressed in order to Moses regarding the Tabernacle more an effective 40-seasons months (Leviticus 1:1- Number ), and you will (4) the fresh new statutes offered toward mountaintop however, shown to people just 40 years later (Deuteronomy 6:1–) was five independent legislation codes.Leggi tutto »Why is the story very inconsistent and discontinuous?